Super Wide Monitor

49 and 44 inch Displays Overview

Super Wide Monitor

49 and 44 inch Displays Overview

Superwide Monitors

After the Ultra Wide monitors in 21:9 format, the Super Wide monitors in 32:9 format are now gaining ground. But with the wealth of information available on the new devices, the decision to buy is often difficult. That’s why we’ve summarized the most important points you should consider when buying your new monitor. Click here for the large 49 inch monitor comparison.

What are Super Wide Monitors?

Behind the term Superwide, there is an „over-wide“ screen. For comparison: If you’re used to your current 16:9 monitor, these technology giants will present you with twice the format. Many people in the office have been working with two monitors for quite some time anyway, which allows them to better distribute the wealth of information.

Ratio 32:9

The format 32:9 also results if one sets up two standard 27 inch monitors in 16:9 format next to each other. Thus, the proportions can be best clarified. But those who place two such screens side by side will have an interrupted overall picture – the frames of the two displays form a disturbing viewing edge in the middle.

In terms of size, it can be added that the 49 inch monitors have a screen diagonal of about 124 cm.

In terms of resolution, Dual QHD and Dual FHD resolutions with 5120 x 1440 pixels and 3840 x 1080 pixels respectively are currently standard.

But back to the format. The 32:9 screen format is extremely impressive, especially for games. The dimensions ensure that the gamer sits in the middle of the action and has a good view of everything. The display is sharp, the color space coverage and brightness are excellent and the screens also support HDR content for the most part. We found nothing to complain about here.

The next stage of development after Ultrawide Monitors

Of course, we’ve known widescreen monitors not just since 2019, they’ve been around for a long time. However, the ultra-wide-version with 21:9 format and common sizes of 29, 34 and meanwhile 38 inches was the highlight so far. We could hardly believe our luck with the Ultrawide monitors, as they have successfully overtaken the 16:9 and 16:10 formats. Now the manufacturers are taking the 32:9 monsters one step further and are not only delighting the office world, but also gamers and creative people.

But don’t get us wrong: at the moment, the superwide monitors are not yet affordable for everyone and we don’t want to belittle the performance of the ultra-wide-generation. After all, they are popular as office, gaming and designer devices for good reason. However, those who haven’t yet got a modern monitor should consider getting the best possible device right away to be well equipped for the future.
These are the advantages of Super Wide Monitors

Those who have operated two monitors so far had to accept quite a lot: at least two cables, two power supplies – from side of the hardware also two necessary ports on the graphics card. Additionally, the unattractive display edge caused by the screen frames. In order to maintain the curvature effect currently possible with one device, two monitors are often placed at an angle to each other. This doesn’t look very good and is also disturbing to the eye when you work or play with it – especially if there are also different monitor models. Not to mention the different illumination and colour rendering.

With the Super Wide Monitor, there’s only one device without any tangled cables or disturbing frames. This results in the next advantage: You only need one monitor connection on your computer! The display options are no problem due to the split-screen function – which the Ultrawide-Monitor already had. You can not only display several programs at the same time, but also connect several sources and display them on the screen. Working via laptop and playing on Playstation at the same time – all this is possible on a Super Ultrawide Monitor.

The best advantage, we think, is the enormously wide field of view, which almost gives the impression of sitting in the cockpit of an airplane. And of course, this is the most important point for almost every gamer. 

Are there any disadvantages?

Unfortunately, we also have to point out a few disadvantages. Because gamers in particular prefer the Super Wide Monitor, they should know that not all games are compatible yet. The monitor and game manufacturers will certainly work on this, so that this disadvantage will sooner or later be a thing of the past. Games like Assassins Creed: Odyssey, Call of Duty: WW2, Rise of the Tomb Raider or Total War: Warhammer 2 are already running in the new format.

Another sticking point is the fact that some apps have a long mouse path. After all, the larger screen also means that you first have to scroll the mouse to the desired position. And for this you need more space than with a common small monitor. If you have to travel long mouse paths, you also need a more or less empty desk and a lot of space – or you have to change the mouse settings accordingly. Not everyone likes that, so this disadvantage can be annoying.

All in all, we have to say that the advantages far outweigh these two disadvantages.

Technical Specs

Technical data of all 32:9 Super Wide Monitors


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Who needs Super Wide Monitors?

We could actually ask the other way round: Who are they not suitable for? Due to the massive advantages, such a large monitor can only be ruled out due to space or budget problems. Otherwise, many user groups benefit from working with such a monitor.

Tech Nerds

Let’s start with the most obvious target group: the latest models are usually bought more and more by tech nerds, who take their brightest pleasure in the latest technology. For them, any improvement to their PC or screen is a small victory and definitely makes their everyday work in any area easier.


The second obvious group that benefits from this extreme screen is that of gamblers. The mercilessly sharp resolution and the enormously wide field of view make playing with the Superwide Monitor a real pleasure. From a purely emotional point of view, as a gamer you are right in the middle of the action and almost have the effect of VR glasses. The fact that you suddenly have a much wider view of the landscape, which isn’t available on the small screen, automatically gives the gamer strategic advantages. The Superwide Monitor is a Christmas-like experience for gamers of all ages.


Anyone who profits extremely from these monitors in their work is a creative person. Because they really need a lot of space for different applications. For example, copywriters, journalists or editors as well as authors often have to research, write and layout simultaneously. They benefit from a wide field of view and the split function to display all necessary applications simultaneously.

Illustrators and designers not only have their layout on the screen, they can simultaneously see comparison images or templates to which the images must match. Or various color palettes and tool panels.

Photographers who post-process their shoots, sit in the studio or work on advertising photos or catalogues also need a lot of space and workspace for their tools and palettes.

The same is true for people who have a lot to do with audio & video editing. Thanks to the extremely wide surface, a timeline with several tracks can be easily overlooked.

Office workers and controllers

The daily work in an office, IT department, CAD department, standards department or a guard position (camera surveillance of company premises) also benefits from this superwide monitor. Each in its own way. In the normal office position, programs and e-mails can be checked in parallel and legibly at the same time. Skype conferences can also be held with good visibility of necessary documents opened in parallel.

In controlling and accounting, it is all about numbers and calculations, which can most easily be viewed in parallel. Especially when it comes to editing huge Excel spreadsheets, it is an enormous relief when they can be displayed across the entire width of the screen.

Webdeveloper & Webdesigners

Especially in the development and programming of websites a lot of workspace is an enormous advantage. On the one hand, the programmer not only has his code tool in view, but can have several browser windows open at once to check his work and the results.

There is also enough space for code snippets or libraries.

If you look at these groups, you can see that such a large screen can actually be a great advantage for any user.

Which features are up-to-date?

The connections have changed over time. The analog transmission via VGA is no longer used at all. And also the successor – the digital DVI connection has literally disappeared from the screen. It gave good results and improved picture quality, but it couldn’t reproduce Full HD or 4K.

HDMI and DisplayPort

To achieve this today, modern monitors have technologies such as HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) or DisplayPort. And even the Superwide screens have at least HDMI and DisplayPort. The current pioneer from Samsung, for example, is equipped with 2 x HDMI, 1 x Display Port, 1 x Mini Display Port, 1 x USB as well as a headphone port.

HDMI is important for a higher data transfer rate, which you need for the high resolution of Full HD. It also allows you to transfer audio and video signals simultaneously. The DisplayPort enables a lossless transfer of signals.

USB-C and Thunderbolt

Top models have an additional USB hub or can even be connected via USB-C. This is especially important for Mac users. At Apple and Intel, the standard has been called Thunderbolt since 2011. It is important for high data transfer rates and fast speeds, even when connecting multiple devices.

IPS or VA Display? What is the difference?

The standard today is the IPS panels, which work with liquid crystal layers that lie on top of each other. This allows realistic colours to be achieved. They also guarantee a good viewing angle stability. Thanks to the new displays with acceptable response times of 4-5 ms, these displays are also interesting for gamers. The VA display scores with an excellent contrast and performs significantly better in backlight bleeding. However, longer reaction times and the limited viewing angle have to be accepted.

Which resolution is important?

As already mentioned in the section about the format in advance, the resolution that matches the screen size is especially important for enjoying the image. In this concern, two resolutions that are usually applied in superwide monitors have been found. Here, 3840 x 1080 pixels are standard. 5120 x 1440 pixels are also available and of course provide a much better image display, but these require a good graphics card, which should also be taken into account when buying.

Which frame rate should you choose?

60, 144 and even 240 Hz are possible. The frequency is already noticeable when moving the mouse pointer, which can react slowly at 60 Hz and still leave distortions or streaks if the user moves something quickly, for example.

At 144 Hz, on the other hand, you won’t notice any of this at all. The refresh rate or frame rate is especially important for games. If you play action-packed games that require fast frame changes, you don’t want to see any streaks or image delays on the screen. However, the monitor definitely has to be connected via a Displayport interface to achieve the optimal refresh rate of 144 Hz.

What else should I look out for when buying?

With all the advantages we have mentioned, you should not lose sight of ergonomics and power consumption.

After all, when you’re at work, it’s important that you can set up and adjust the oversized screen so that you get the most out of it. Many can be mounted using a wall mount, others have a height-adjustable stand. Be sure to consider which solution is best for you and whether the height and tilt of the units can be adjusted and swivelled or rotated.

After all, if you sit in front of the screen all day long, you should not suffer any postural problems. The lighting and luminance should therefore also be good and should be easy on the eyes. Special modes such as the blue light filter or a night mode can have a big effect.

Fortunately, superwide monitors have a low power consumption. However, you should check this individually before buying your desired monitor.


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