Hardcore gamers attach great importance to a variety of factors when they purchase a monitor. This is also necessary to achieve an efficient and enjoyable gaming experience. In addition to the classic tools of the trade, the functions of gaming monitors play a major role. Special attention should be paid to the refresh rate and resolution of the respective device.

The hand tool of good gamers

Gaming requires a basic set of tools. These include in particular a gaming-compatible mouse and keyboard. With these it is possible to enter data quickly and purposefully – far better than with a standard Cherry keyboard.

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Bestseller Gaming Keyboard

This is extremely important in games where speed and therefore every second counts. A headset is also helpful. With this you can hear the sounds of the game and communicate with other players. If you don’t want this, you can use a loudspeaker.

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Another important tool for gaming is the chair. This should be chosen in such a way that it promotes a healthy sitting posture. Especially during long and intensive gaming sessions, this can lead to poor posture and in the worst case to illness. In addition, the chair should be chosen in such a way that a healthy arm and hand position is possible. Cramps and tendosynovitis must be avoided at all costs.

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A good gaming monitor must have these features

For a monitor to be used as a gaming monitor, it must have a large number of features and capabilities. First of all, it should be clarified what size the screen should have. Models with 24-27 inches are often used. With the introduction of the Superwide Monitors, however, gamers are being offered completely new possibilities – immersion is the keyword here. With the displays in 32:9 format, it is possible to cover a much larger field of vision and literally immerse yourself in the game. Please note that some older games only support 16:9. However, current new releases do not cause any problems with the new format.

The importance of the refresh rate

In addition, the refresh rate of the respective monitor should be closely examined. Some models offer 60 hertz, others work with 120 hertz or even 144 hertz. This determines how many frames per second can be displayed. After all, it is not enough if the higher speed is only used for control. It is equally important that the screen can display them.

This is especially true for games where a high reaction time is required. This is the case with shooters or racing games, for example. Here it is a decisive game advantage if the screen can display as many frames per second as possible. This then makes it possible to react to developments within fractions of a second and to have a decisive advantage over other players. However, it is important that the computer used also provides the graphics performance to be able to deliver the high number of images. Alternatively, external graphics cards can also be used.

It depends on the resolution

Another important selection criterion for a Superwide Monitor is the resolution. This depends primarily on the computer to which the monitor is to be connected. If it is a newer gaming PC with powerful components, models with a high resolution of 5120 x 1440 pixels are a good choice. However, a mediocre computer or when playing via laptop usually does not provide the highest possible performance. In such a case it is usually better to switch to a cheaper screen with a low resolution of 3840 x 1080 pixels. Because even at this resolution, well over 4 million pixels must be addressed by the graphics chip. It is important to select the screen so that it fits your budget and still delivers clearly contoured images.