The Lenovo Legion Y44w is a gaming computer of a special kind. It is equipped with a large number of connectivityn and produces first-class images due to its technology. Its ergonomic design also reduces the risk of posture damage, tension or other illnesses while playing.


Optics & Design

It’s already noticeable at first glance that the Lenovo Legion Y44w is a very modern and innovative screen. Its curved design is adapted to the user’s natural field of vision. This allows you to look around in any game world just like in real life and benefit from the first-class graphics. What’s more, the curvature itself is visually appealing, ensuring that the screen on your desk looks great even when it’s turned off.

The stand is very wide and stable, giving it excellent stability. Like the entire monitor, it is finished in an elegant and stylish black to emphasise the high-quality appearance of the device. The lighting creates an atmospheric ambience, so that you are immediately in the right mood for victory when playing.

Tech Specs & Connections

The technology of this monitor is designed to provide the most fluid and delay-free gaming experience possible. The Curved Display provides a brightness of up to 450 cd/m² and the combination of HDR and FreeSync makes gaming fun. The screen reaches a refresh rate of 144 Hz, which means that there is almost never any interference or waiting time when loading images. This is important in order to always be a blink of an eye ahead of the opponents in terms of reaction time.

The connectivity of the device is designed for the greatest possible functionality. Among other things, there are two HDMI and four USB connections. The two USB-C connectivity are very practical. You can use them to transfer data and power. Charging external devices becomes child’s play in this way.

Ergonomics & energy consumption

In addition to tendosynovitis, there are numerous other typical gamer’s diseases. To offer the best possible protection against these, the Lenovo Legion Y44w is ergonomically designed. The height-adjustable stand allows you to set the monitor to the perfect playing height for you. The screen can also be tilted and swivelled. This allows you to achieve the perfect position in just a few easy steps, which is essential for a healthy sitting posture while playing.

When it comes to energy efficiency, it’s worth turning the screen off once in a while. Because it belongs to energy efficiency class C and therefore swallows a lot of electricity. To ensure that the electricity bill is not a worse final opponent at the end of the month than all the rivals in the games, you should therefore focus on economical use.

Lenovo Legion Y44w

Tech Specs


Size49 inch
Resolution5.120 x 1.440 Pixel
Panel TypeVA
Refresh rate240 Hz
Response time1 ms
ColorsDCI-P3 95% / sRGB 125%
USB Hubyes
Height Adjustable Standyes

Lenovo Legion Y44w
This screen came, saw and played. Although its Picture-by-Picture technology makes it suitable for various office tasks, players usually fall back on it. That's because the viewing area of this 32:10 device increases by more than 10% compared to a 32:9 model. In addition, the 3840 x 1200 pixel resolution is excellent for clear and attractive images.
Display quality
Energy consumption