USB-C is still a relatively new technology that has only been in use for a few years. However, it has already established itself in many areas and is especially popular with gamers. This is because this technology is an all-rounder that can be used in almost any area. Many Superwide Monitors allow easy setup over such a connection and bring many more functional advantages.

The idea behind USB-C

The idea behind USB-C is to have one port for everything. It should be avoided that numerous cables have to be used in parallel, because this quickly leads to a cable tangle and it becomes confusing. With USB-C, there is only one single cable that is responsible for all tasks on the computer. This makes a lot of things easier and saves a lot of resources, especially during gaming. At the same time, technical progress continues to advance. Higher speeds and lower latencies ensure a good atmosphere, especially for gamers.

What can USB-C do?

Perhaps the most unspectacular advantage of USB-C is perhaps the fact that it is a twist-proof plug that can be used on both sides of the socket. This means that it is not necessary to find out how the „old“ USB plug should be inserted into the socket, as was the case with the „old“ USB plug. The USB-C connector offers far more advantages than classic USB connectivity. Not only can it be used to connect external devices, but the data transfer also takes place without any problems. Super Wide Monitors in particular benefit from this new technology.

In addition, separate audio jacks or charging sockets are no longer necessary, for example, because everything is done via USB-C. It is also interesting for gamers to know that the data transfer speed increases massively thanks to USB-C. In direct comparison with USB 3.0, the speed is about twice as high. An even higher speed is achieved when gamers additionally work with Thunderbolt 3.

If you have a current notebook – such as an Apple Macbook or Chromebook – you even benefit from the fact that this connection has so-called „Power over USB C“. This saves the laptop’s original power supply and allows the computer’s battery to be charged directly via the Super Wide Monitor.

Which devices offer USB-C?

For a device to use USB-C, the appropriate connectivity must be available. But even then, the available performances still differ significantly. For example, a smartphone can usually only be charged via USB-C and the data transfer can be used at a speed comparable to USB 2.0. On desktop PCs it also happens that power and data are transferred via USB-C, but no DisplayPort signals are passed on or higher charging performance is achieved.

As a rule, almost all devices today have a USB-C connection. Among other things, this makes it possible to connect a monitor directly to a laptop via a single cable. In addition to the 4K video signal, data is also transmitted and the laptop is charged in passing. In practice, it has been shown that Macbook users in particular benefit from the new technology and also enjoy numerous advantages in gaming.

Cable and adapters for USB-C monitors

In principle, it is also possible to connect older devices to each other via USB-C. However, an adapter is required for this. This adapter connects the different connectivity of the C plug with the contacts of the A socket. So it serves as a bridge. However, there are also converter chips that process DisplayPort signals in such a way that they are suitable for HDMI 1.4 or 2.0. All these adapters and extensions are usually not necessary for Super Wide monitors. These usually have their own USB-C port built in and can therefore use the technology.

If you don’t have a USB-C monitor with a corresponding port, but don’t want to do without the advantages of the powerful connection, we can recommend USB-C docking stations.

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