The credo of the Acer Nitro EI491CRP is: Immersion. That means you’ll be completely immersed in the action through the unit’s curved design and technology. The attractive looks and numerous functions of this screen do the rest to ensure the greatest possible gaming fun. At the same time, the screen is equipped with a reliable 2 x 3 watt loudspeaker and thus offers a pleasant sound experience while playing.

Optics & Design

The monitor, which is completely in black with the same coloured stand, is a real eye-catcher. This is true even if you are not playing games and the monitor only decorates the desk. The stand itself is pleasantly wide and achieves a high degree of stability. In addition, the mount for the screen is very stable and reliable. Because you first have to get along with the weight of this device of 9.30 kg / 20.5 lbs. The screen works with LEDs for backlighting. These produce very clear, appealing colours and thus provide a stylish gaming ambience.

Tech Specs & Connections

The main goal of the Acer Nitro EI491CRP is to display smooth and clearly contoured images in intense colors. The built-in technology is oriented towards this goal. For example, the monitor offers AMD FreeSync 2, a synchronization technology that displays images with virtually no delay. In addition, a refresh rate of 144 Hz is available, which also ensures that the individual images are displayed reliably. Even fast picture changes and movements are therefore no problem. The monitor is equipped with a total of three HDMI connectivityn. These are three HDMI inputs. However, you have to do without USB connectivity. This applies to both classic models and USB-C connections.

Ergonomics & energy consumption

When it comes to ergonomics, it is important that you have the right body size or seat height. The stand of the monitor is not height-adjustable. So you have to live with the given orientation. There are also no other options for customizing the device to your sitting and playing posture. For example, the screen cannot be tilted or swivelled.

When it comes to energy efficiency, there’s little to complain about with the Acer 49-inch monitor. The device belongs to energy efficiency class B and therefore has a moderate power consumption. This is about 90 watts. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to turn the screen off regularly so as not to be surprised by a very high energy bill.

Acer Nitro EI491CRP

Tech Specs


Size49 inch
Resolution5.120 x 1.440 Pixel
Panel TypeVA
Refresh rate240 Hz
Response time1 ms
ColorsDCI-P3 95% / sRGB 125%
USB Hubyes
Height Adjustable Standyes

Acer Nitro EI491CRP
The Acer Nitro EI491CRP is entirely dedicated to gaming and professional image reproduction. That's why it comes with a resolution of 3840 x 1080 pixels and produces sharp and clearly contoured images. The contrast ratio is 3,000:1 and the response time is pleasantly short with 4 ms GTG. Thus, you always enjoy smooth pictures while playing games and don't have to accept any performance restrictions. Further highlights of the monitor are its brightness of 400 cd/m² and the fact that it is VESA-compatible. With this device, you create the ideal conditions to bring your gaming skills to bear and to play successfully.
Display quality
Energy consumption